Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rydex Market Timers: Still Useful

I have attached a recent report from our Premium Content service that utilizes the Rydex asset data.

Although a very small segment of the investing world, the Rydex asset data continues to provide a useful snapshot of how traders and investors are positioning themselves. This report was written in the evening on June 14 for the next trading day. Specific charts to pay attention to include:

Figure 1: the ratio of Rydex bullish and leveraged assets to bearish and leveraged; this indicator gave a buy signal Monday night and a sell signal the next day after a 2% plus gain in the markets. However, the 3 prior buy signals were losers (which was a rare occurrence). Together, these 4 signals have lost a total of 3.91%.

Figures 2 and 7: shows that not much money has left the market for the safety of the Rydex Money Market; one has to question how much money or fuel is on the sidelines

Figure 3: gave a bullish signal on May 25, 2010.

Lastly, this Premium Content is available for a nominal yearly fee. It is a nice adjunct to help you improve your market timing or trading. This is a daily service offering commentary, charts, special reports and timing signals. Easy to understand and use. To subscribe please click: SUBSCRIBE

Rydex Report for 6.15.10

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Mike said...

I am interested in subscribing to your premium content. What time of day is the daily update available? Is there a traditional time of day that you make the new data available to subscribers?

Needless to say, I enjoy your blog and approach to trading. Thanks.