Friday, January 16, 2009

McDonald's CEO On CNBC

When I wrote last night's article, I really had no idea that the CEO of McDonald's Corporation (symbol: MCD) would be on CNBC this morning. Of course, CNBC was out touting the stock as the Dow's best performer last year. If I was an investor, this would make me nervous as CNBC has a way of jumping on the bandwagon just as the party is ending.

I came to my "call" on McDonald's because I was just looking at the charts, and I found it kind of interesting that McDonald's is the only Dow component that has not succumbed to the bear market. Once again, McDonald's has the technical characteristics of a stock putting in a secular top.

Below is a link to a video from CNBC and it is with McDonald's CEO and Vice Chairman, Jim Skinner. Mr. Skinner discusses the prospects for his business and the economy. I have no axe to grind here, yet it will be interesting to see who is right- the CEO or the chart.

To see the video, please click on this

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