Monday, June 28, 2010

Morning News Notes: 6/28/2010

The "Morning News Notes" as prepared by TL...Senator Byrd dies, financial reform, Gallup Poll on President Obama's decision to remove General McChrystal, G20, new mortgage rules, corporate cash levels at near record levels, and Fed money printing and M2 money supply.

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P said...

Hey Guy,
You seem a bit late with the sentiment update. Is something brewing?

Guy M. Lerner said...


Nothing brewing....I am working on it and it should be up later today

I had other commitments this weekend like taking the kids to summer camp, etc...

Hard to do it all!

P said...

No Worries. I was just hoping to see the smart money become more bullish. The COTs data seems to suggest that they are.

Guy M. Lerner said...

The smart money is neutral to bullish yet the insider buying is convictionless again