Monday, September 21, 2009

WealthTrack: Interview With Yale's David Swenson

I was recently introduced to "WealthTrack", a business program on public television hosted by Consuelo Mack. I watched several of the episodes and was totally impressed with Ms. Mack and the caliber of her guests. More importantly, Ms. Mack asks the right questions and lets her guests talk. Ms. Mack is more concerned with her guests approach to the markets and how they think about the markets as opposed to what they are buying today. It's not hype, which is refreshing, and I got at least one nugget of information out of each of the shows I watched today. This is good journalism.

Below is a video clip of Yale's David Swenson, which was broadcast in May, 2009. It is about 25 minutes in length. An important point for me was his distinction between liquid and ill-liquid assets, and despite diversification, it was the ill-liquid assets that caused problems for Yale's endowment in fiscal year 2008. Swenson also had positive comments regarding Treasury Inflation Protect Securities, which I have written about several times over the past month.

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