Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Just In!

My friend Tyler, who sends me his morning report that he prepares for clients, highlighted the following front page article in today's Wall Street Journal: "Fears of a New Bubble as Cash Pours In".

From the article: "Concerns are mounting that efforts by governments and central banks to stoke a recovery will create a nasty side effect: asset bubbles in real estate, stock and currency markets, especially in Asis."

Tyler's response: "There is a bubble in bubble calling."

Excellent call, Tyler!


Anonymous said...

well I don't know about you ,but by the end of this year I think the word "bubble" will have worked it's way to the head of my pet hate list.

Becoming just a bit too 'used' for my liking and it's really getting difficult to know just what is a "bubble". Is it a market gone truly mad ,or just shorthand for "why didn't I buy before it got this far" ..LOL

Anonymous said...

Anyone have the Rydex fund data for today?

Johnny G. said...

Bullish & leveraged: 522.20
Bearish & leveraged: 629.04

Ratio: .83

Money market: 1,310.72

Rydex timers are heavily invested and betting on the bear side.

Anonymous said...

thx Johnny!