Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Could Not Help Myself

Sorry, I couldn't help myself on this one. This will only be a momentary diversion as I know the markets can be fickle if one is not humble.


Bryan said...

Woo! It must be the top! :-)

Bryan said...
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Guy M. Lerner said...


We shall see of course...but I appreciate keeping a good sense of humor about the whole thing!!

Bryan said...

We're too old to not have a sense of humor about the whole thing. ;-)

Guy M. Lerner said...


My skin is so thick that I am beginning to feel like a lizard!

The truth be told: it would be nice to get wider recognition for my efforts; I could rant and rave that this is the "top" but I am not sure what that means anyway or how it would do anybody any good; it isn't my style anyway.

I am not sure it would do me any good either; things are so complex and subtle that everyone has to have their own way of doing things - time frame, risk, assets they are investing in, etc

That's all I got!!

Onlooker said...

Could be, finally. The whippy action and volatility on thin volume, etc. are not heartening to bulls. But it's keeping bears skittish too. Interesting action.

Time will tell.

Guy M. Lerner said...


Agreed about the intraday action--seen this before!

Also, I have seen the "oh please Mr. Obama and Mr. Geithner, please don't let my IRA go down more than 2%....I cannot take the pain" late day rally

On a more serious note, aside from the whippy price action, I note that gold, China and commodities are getting hit hard and this is not like the other days when the market was down big; I am into bad looking charts and we are starting to see potentially bad looking charts

Onlooker said...

Yeah, I'm afraid that all the gold bulls who've been buying the dip, drooling over a surge to new highs, are going to be a bit disappointed.

It's time will come, but gold will get hurt this year, IMO.

That's what the dollar is telling us. Of course some have convinced themselves that gold will "decouple" from the dollar. But I wouldn't bet on that.

Dave Narby said...

Personally I like this one

Bryan said...

OK see what you did, Guy, by ringing all those bells?? GOOG comes out with BTE (better than expected, of course!) earnings and the stock gets dumped. The market could not get any traction today either. What is happening?? I'm not used to red numbers. :-)

Guy M. Lerner said...

I am a one day wonder!! What can I say?

Actually, will present data later tonite about the clustering of negative has struggled for two months