Sunday, March 14, 2010

Check This Out! This Is Great Stuff!

For the most part, I have a really knowledgeable readership, and I often don't give you guys and gals enough credit for keeping me honest and working hard. I am grateful for the time you spend at my outpost on the internet. Yes, I do get annoyed at the absurd comments for the umteenth time, but every now and then, I come across an email or reader that points me towards something extraordinarily cool.

Glenn Holderreed is one such reader. Glenn is a subscriber to our Premium Content so I know he has good tastes, and he was emailing about this and that, and then he writes and says that I should check out this website:

This is Glenn's website, and I have to tell you that it is one of the most awesomest and useful investing websites I have seen on the web. Glenn is the founding partner Quacera Capital Management LLC, and he is the developer of the QPM Radar, which is a relative strength and momentum tool that tracks the market in action.

One cool feature is the Daily QPM Radar. Click on Sector ETF's or Asis/ Pacific ETF's and watch the changes in performance and momentum over the past 60 days.

Some might find the Quacera Daily ETF Report useful. Friday's report had 7 pages of easy to read tables listing every ETF known to mankind with a QPM score and whether the trend is positive or not. It is very nicely done and it was very easy to find what is hot and what is not.

I am grateful and honored that Glenn chose to share his website with me, and he agreed that I could share it with you. Glenn has over 40 years in the markets in various capacities, and it shows. This is great stuff.

Thanks Glenn!


Rajiv Vyas said...

Great Website!! Thanks for pointing it out.

Guy M. Lerner said...

Yes, I wouldn't point it out if I didn't feel the same way....very concise and useful information...and I believe actionable information (which is great).