Monday, March 22, 2010

Rydex Market Timers: What Are They Up To?

Like NPR's popular Car Talk radio show with Tom and Ray Magliozzi - better known as Click and Clack - we here at TheTechnicalTake also have a "Shameless Commerce" Division. After all we have some unique content that we would like to capitalize on, and I have to make a living too!

Much to the chagrin of our many loyal and wise readers, one month ago I decided to make my commentary on the Rydex asset data Premium Content. Why not? I have a very complete and extensive data base going back to 2000 that I have painstakingly maintained for over 8 years. To me, the data set has great value, and over the past 14 months, I believe I have shown our readers the usefulness of this data on many occasions in improving one's market timing. The Rydex market timers are a representative sample of market participants, and by studying the Rydex asset data, we can determine how market participants have positioned themselves. For example, if they are too bullish, the Rydex market timers may express that sentiment by being long and leveraged. Often, such one sided market opinions serve as contrarian signals.

So what is the Premium Content service? It is the most extensive look at the Rydex asset data that I know of. It costs $104 per year or about 42 cents per trading day. I lose that much everyday just in the laundry alone.

What are our current subscribers saying about the service?:

WC: "I love the research you provide."

MM: "This is really helpful."

BL: "This is really, really good."

Before the start of the next trading day, the Premium Content will be delivered via email. This daily report typically has 7 graphs plus comments. The content is meant to be actionable which means it won't bog you down in the "what ifs" and "I am not sures". Since the inception of the service, there are have also been weekly special reports that go over the data in greater detail.

So if you want to get an inside look at how other market participants are positioning themselves then this subscription service is for you. If you want to improve your market timing, then the premium content is for you. If you want to gain greater insight into the psychology of the markets, then Premium Content is for you.

Our Premium Content is only $104/ year or 42 cents per trading day. It will improve your market timing and allow you to navigate the markets with greater conviction and confidence.

Now that you have listened to my pitch, you can see Thursday evening's report by clicking this following link: Rydex Report for 3.19.10.

Don't forget to sign up for Premium Content by clicking on the icon below:


Anonymous said...

creating lead headlines of story promised to be interesting, but who wants to read a hard sell. Lost my respect to it a bit......pray that it wont happen again.....its a nonstarter. Why not just put a straight up ad and spare all the pretense that is disservice to integrity of your analysis.....

Guy M. Lerner said...

anon: I appreciate that you like my work and I can understand that you may not like the hard sell, but this is about as "hard sell" as it gets for me which I didn't really think was all that offensive...

Oh well.....I will take note for next time (maybe)