Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comments from 4.5.11 Rydex Report

Figure 1 shows the comments from the April 5, 2011 Rydex Report for subscribers to our Premium Content.

Figure 1. Comments from Rydex Report 4/5/11

With prices approaching their February, 2011 highs, the Rydex market timers were going all in.  Not only were they betting on higher prices, they were making that bet with leverage.  Historically --and we have over 10 years of data covering two bull and two bear markets -- such bullishness has been a bearish signal.  There was no other way to spin this.

The Rydex market timers represent a small segment of the investing world.  Nonetheless, their actions remain a useful window into the mindset of investors.  In addition, the Rydex asset data is sentiment data based upon real asset flows not an investor opinion poll.  By tracking the money, we get to see how these investors are placing their market bets.  The Premium Content is the best $104 you will spend on market research!!
The full report can be viewed at this link:  

rydex report for 4.5.11

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