Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Response To Your Feedback

I appreciate all the feedback I received two weeks ago in response to my post entitled, "Your Opinion Please....". Your comments were overwhelmingly positive about the blog, and this kind of feedback always makes me happy. Thank you. With regards to monetizing certain aspects of the blog, the readers have a clear understanding as to why I would go in this direction, and I believe your suggestions have been helpful in deciding how I will proceed.

I will be providing premium content that will be available for a fee. Whether you view this as a donation to the blog or a subscription to this special service is your choice. Either way, you will pay a fee for this premium content and in return, I hope to provide you with a unique service that benefits your trading and ultimately your bottom line.

The premium content will be centered around the Rydex asset data. In particular, I will provide you with the set of 5 Rydex charts on a daily basis. You can see what this would look like by clicking on this link. In addition, I will be providing context to the data in the form of an occasional commentary. This commentary could be as specific as a strategy that tells you when to buy and sell or it could just be interpretative. Click on this link to see one such strategy. Lastly, the premium service will be administered through Google Groups; our "group" will be private and allow for secure dissemination and discussion of the data.

The cost of this premium service is $104 per year on a recurring basis. For this you will receive the daily report and access to our private Google Group. The report will be made available prior to the market open. 10 days a year, at my determination, the report will not be published. There will be no refunds. However, if I am unable to fulfill my obligations or if Rydex stops publishing the data, I will gladly refund you a prorated portion of your subscription fee for the term of the service that you did not use.

So how does this work? First, you subscribe to the premium content by clicking on the "Premium Content" icon in the upper left hand corner of the blog or via the "Premium Content" link at the top of blog. Or you can click the icon at the bottom of this post. This will take you to PayPal, and this service will handle all of the transactions securely. Once your transaction is complete, I will send you an email inviting you to sign up with TheTechnicalTake Google Group. To sign up for Google Groups, you will need to obtain a username and password from Google. If you don't want to obtain a username and password from Google, then you will not have access to the "Premium Content". TheTechnicalTake Google Group is private, and it is through this venue that I will distribute the daily Rydex content.

For your "donation" or subscription fee, I will limit the posts on TheTechnicalTake blog and other blogs pertaining to the Rydex data to the following circumstances: 1) once a week (usually on the weekend) I publish a synopsis of investor sentiment; this commentary will continue to have one Rydex chart; 2) 48 hours (or two trading days) after you receive the daily report, I can use the data and charts on TheTechnicalTake blog; in general, these commentaries will serve to highlight what information our premium content subscribers had available to them two days ago; 3) lastly, I may publish the daily Rydex data on other blogs and websites; this will be on a limited basis as it is my intention to keep this data as unique and fresh as possible for paying subscribers.

Now would be a good time to mention that subscribers to the premium content will adhere to the "Terms of Use Agreement" and the "Disclaimers" policy for TheTechnicalTake blog.

Once again, I thank all of the readers for their support. Whether you are a subscriber to the premium content or just a reader of the blog, I will continue to provide independent and original market analysis that you find useful and actionable as you navigate the hostile environment known as the markets.

To sign up for this service, please click on the icon below:


Anonymous said...

Wished you could continue the way data was shared. Thanks for the great blog!

Guy M. Lerner said...


Thanks for the compliments; all the other things will still be here.

Luv them Waves said...

I understand your decision to use PayPal. If at some point alternative methods become available that I might wish to use (as I will not use PayPal) I hope you publicize those methods.

Guy M. Lerner said...

What's wrong with PayPal? It seem like an easy thing to do...are there alternatives that you might suggest?

robo said...

I think you have a great blog and will be signing up. I also prefer Paypal, but not clear on the 3 installments.



$104.00 USD for each year,
"for 3 installments."

Guy M. Lerner said...


Thanks for pointing out a needed clarification; you will be charged $104 for 1 year; the 3 installments refers to recurrent billing; "no funds" only refers to the calendar that you paid for; I have no interest in locking you into 3 years if you aren't using the service; but it was just easier to set up

P said...
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