Friday, November 5, 2010

Wahhhh! We Need Sugar!

This headline was taken from MarketWatch this morning.

Figure 1. MarketWatch

Oh my gosh, I thought, the markets must have been down oodles - all of yesterday's gains gone.  So I opened up my Tradestation and the QQQQ was off 0.06% and the SPY was down 0.20% in the pre-market.  Horrible.  I am ruined.  

Market participants are acting like spoiled children.  The smallest amount of discomfort provokes an over exaggerated response.  Thank goodness, there is Uncle Ben to give us more sugar, and no doubt, he is willing to deliver. 

However and from this vantage point, expectations are beginning to match reality, which opens the door for surprises. 


Denali92 said...

so far it pays to act like a spoiled kid!

Can you imagine the headlines if we traded back to 1180 next week?

Guy M. Lerner said...

God forbid....the panic on a 2% pullback will be unbearable

I am all for market advances --that is what they are supposed to do -- but a straight up shot is unhealthy